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LFA Spot the Ant. Stop the Ant.

Don’t let the Little Fire Ant go undetected! Protect your family, your community, and our island ecosystems from the little fire ant.

Report Suspected Fire Ants

Call the statewide pest hotline at 643-PEST, your local invasive species committee at the number listed below, or use the online reporting form at Report-a-Pest.

Statewide Hotline: 643-PEST

Statewide Online Reporting: Report-a-Pest

Local Invasive Species Contacts

  • Oahu Invasive Species Committee: 266-7994
  • Maui Invasive Species Committee: 573-6472
  • Kauai Invasive Species Committee: 821-1490
  • Big Island Invasive Species Committee: 933-3340
  • Molokai Invasive Species Committee: 553-5236

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Spot the Ant. Stop the Ant.

Look for signs of infestation:

Painful stings on the neck and torso.

Pets blinded by stings in the eye.

Tiny pale orange ants as long as a penny is thick (1/16th inch).

Are ants stinging your neck or upper body?

Report it! The little fire ant is in Hawaii, but is not widespread. Report LFA to your local invasive species committee at Report-a-Pest or call 643-PEST.